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Our Story

Hickory Food Hall's origins can be traced back to Lynn Nguyen, her daughter Annie, and her son-in-law Tony, who founded it. Ms. Lynn, the retired proprietor of Nagano Japanese Restaurant, which her daughter Thao now operates, wanted to create something exceptional for Hickory even after retirement. When Tony and Annie, who founded Waterbean Coffee and currently owns two specialty coffee shops in Hickory, came across the stunning First National Bank of Catawba building for sale, he shared it with Ms. Lynn. They both fell in love with the building and thought that opening a food hall would be an excellent way to give back to their hometown. Ms. Lynn frequently stated, "We have a beautiful lake, miles of walking trails, and breathtaking scenery. No other city is like us. All it needs is for people to see it and realize what a beautiful town Hickory has become."

With the creation of the exquisite food hall in Hickory, people can now come together to dine, socialize, and work, putting the city on par with other major metropolises.

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